Welcome to food-processing




Welcome to food-processing.

Food-Processing develops and manufactures machines for the food processing industry. We focus on the convenience food sector, and particularly the market of hamburgers, schnitzels, chicken products and fish nuggets along with potatoes and vegetable products.



Food-Processing is more than a supplier of machines. In fact we have an unbridled idea source supporting our filling, portioning and packaging equipment. Frequently these ideas become the heart of the production process in the fastfood or convenience industry. This is even the case with some of the largest food processing companies and of course this makes us very proud!




We provide to large food producers. Worldwide
We have built a very good name; this becomes clear also from our customer ring. We provide our machines to several large Dutch and international food producers. The company has been especially specialised in filling, forming and packing machines. For some customers we are delivering stand alone products and for other customers complete production lines. Sometimes goes along cooperation still further, and think we with the customer in the set-up of the production lines. Thereby we if necessary also machines of third parties are integrated in the production line of the customer.

 Delivery of food processing machines, such as: 

  • Vacuum filler machines.
  • Coextrusion filler.
  • Multiple iris (diafragma) machines
  • Extrusion Lines for 2 or 3 dimensional products by means of pressure dividing system.
  • Multiple portioning by means of pressure dividing system.
  • Hamburger portioning machines.
  • Coextrusion Lines.
  • Boiling and frying lines.
  • Carruthers: cutting and volumetric filling machines, dosing lines.
  • Kilia: mincers, cutters, mixers, frozen meat reducers, emulsionfiers.
  • KMA: flue gas cleaning.
  • EWF batter filters for battering lines.
  • Marlen: Fresh meat dosing pumps.
  • Intervac: vacuum-chamber machines.
  • Smoking, boiling and climate units.